Public and Private sector demolition services


Sarcon Surveys Ltd provides complete demolition services to the private and public sector. We are fully qualified and experienced in aspects of managing the full demolition process from inception to completion. If you would like more information or require our demolition services then contact us to discuss your project.

Demolition Procedure

  1. Visit site with client to discuss demolition
  2. Provide budget cost estimate to client
  3. Provide client with fee statement and project brief
  4. Return visit to site to compile project specification notes
  5. Prepare project specification
  6. Prepare site plans for asbestos survey / statutory undertakers / demolition and clearance work
    1. Letter to statutory undertakers requesting quotations
    2. Letter to statutory undertakers accepting quotations
  7. Memo to asbestos manager requesting an asbestos survey
  8. Letter to H.S.E (F10 form)
  9. Arrange access to premises for asbestos survey / statutory undertakers to remove their meters
  10. Ensure that a health and safety file is in place
  11. CDM co-ordinator to liaise with designer regarding pre-construction information
  12. Prepare tender documents to obtain competitive tenders
  13. Site meeting / internal viewing with the demolition contractors
  14. Provide the client with tender evaluation / project cost report
  15. Receive tenders / procurement
  16. Notify members of the public / ward councillors or demolition and clearance work
  17. Letter of acceptance / unsuccessful letters
  18. Attend monthly progress site meetings
  19. Site supervision of the contract
  20. Authorise invoices / contrators / statutory undertakers
  21. Complete health and safety file to return to the client
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Before demolition, Royton, Oldham.
During demolition, Royton, Oldham.
After demolition, Royton, Oldham.

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